Anne et Jean have been living in this mansion during more than 50 years.

Anne was born in this mansion, and her family lived in it since more than 200 years.

The history of this hôtel is well known by several Norman family names, de Bricqueville, La Tour du Pin, Achard de Bonvouloir, Le Prévost de La Moissonnière.

Julien Achard de Bonvouloir was a secret agent from Louis XVI, the king of France, towards the insurgent American colonies, and he met Benjamin Franklin at Philadelphia in 1775.

An ascendant of the Achard de Bonvouloir family was one of the companions of William the Conqueror during the Norman conquest of England in 1066 (as despicted in the Bayeux Tapestry).

This Hotel Particulier was built around 1770, it belongs to the Louis XVI style, classical. Its street front is well ornemented with garlands and draperies. The original main entrance door shows the initials (MD/DV) of the one who has ordered its construction, and it is surrounded by a balcony with geometrical lines.

The huge stone main staircase spreads out with greatness on a sqare basis. The ironmade banister is quite ramarkable.

The interior courtyard is lined with the old stables, the heightened gardens leans against the old walls and ditches of the Midle Age fortified city, and are embellished by a stone balustrade.


  • Jean and Anne are wonderful hosts (Pat and Dick B – US – Sep 2014)

  • They are a very nice, helpful, thoughful couple (SG Connell – FR – Aug 2015)

  • You feel like you are a guest in their home (Richard B – US – Sep 2014)

  • Wonderful hospitality and great location for visit (Jeannie – US – Aug 2009)

  • We loved the history of this house and your family (Carole and John M – US – Sep 2012)